Metal Fabrication

Hahn & Clay serves many industries as a single source supplier for pressure vessels and other custom metal fabricated products with markets in the petro-chemical, military, sub sea, and marine industries. Hahn & Clay has the ability to provide metal fabricated products of varying sizes, weights, and materials.

Pressure Vessels - Tray Towers - Columns - Reactors - Hydrotreaters - Multi-layer Vessels - Vessel Closures - Heat Exchangers


A.S.M.E. Section VIII Division 1 - "U" Stamp

A.S.M.E. Section VIII Division 2 - "U2" Stamp

A.S.M.E. Section I - "S" Stamp

National Board Inspection Code - "R" Stamp



Carbon Steel, Chrome Moly, Hastelloy, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Special Alloys including Monel, Solid Wall and Layered Construction, Clad and lined Construction

Forming Equipment

Pyramid and Pinch Rolls up to 2 1/2" cold and 6 1/2" hot


Hydraulic Wheel (600 Ton), Hydraulic "C" (200 Ton), and Hydraulic 4-Post (2,500 Ton)

Custom Metal Fabrication