Hahn & Clay has provided the industrial community with the highest level of Engineering and Quality Assurance Services for the past 70 years in the design and testing of products from aerospace to subsea that meet and exceed customer and industrial specifications.

Our services can be supplied in-house or at your facility. Hahn & Clay will provide qualified Q.A. technicians and engineers to assist you in your routine and special projects.

Specification Capabilities

  • ANSI
  • API
  • ASME
  • AWS
  • Military

Engineering Capabilities and Software

  • Pressure vessel design per ASME BPV code, Section VIII, Div I & II
  • Finite element analysis and fatigue analysis
  • Custom mechanical design and calculations
  • Pressure vessel re-rating
  • Engineering & Q.A. Hydraulic and Controls, Instrumentation & Electrical design
  • Engineering drafting and 3D modeling
  • PE certification
  • AUTO CAD® for regular engineering drawing
  • Inventor® for 3D Modeling
  • Compress® and PV ELITE® for pressure vessels
  • ANSYS® for finite element analysis
Engineering Services