F.A.C.T. (Force Actuated Closure Technology) System®

Hahn and Clay's F.A.C.T. Systems® are installed on Coking drums around the world.


  • Improved closure seal reduces leakage.
  • Faster turnaround of cycle time by reducing closure opening and closing by 80%.
  • One man requirement for operation reduces manpower requirements.
  • Remote closure operation isolates personnel from hazards.
  • Automatic grating removal.
  • HPU provides hydraulic power to the system.
  • Nitrogen Skid boosts plant nitrogen pressure to operate the Force Actuator.
  • Hydraulic Control Console provides interlocks, operator controls, and monitoring instruments for safe operation of the system.
  • Force Actuator
  • Lock Ring
  • Ramp Ring
  • Force Actuated Closure Technology
  • Force Actuated Closure Technology