Hahn & Clay is a major machine shop with over 75 years of experience in manufacturing quality parts and repair work for a variety of industries including construction, forging manufacturers, forestry, mining, marine, oilfield, petro-chemical industries and plastic injection.

We produce superior quality parts to customer specifications in short lead time using a skilled workforce and our production area that is 220,000 square feet under roof with machinery capabilities up to 35' - 6" diameter, 125' length, and 800,000 lb. weight.

Hahn & Clay offers one of the largest machine shops in the United States and is an asset to the Gulf Coast area. The mobility of our field service personnel and support from our major fabrication department gives the customer an advantage in accomplishing the most difficult projects in the right time frame - all under one roof.

Major Machinery

Vertical Boring Mill

200 ton - 35' - 6" diameter x 20' rail height

Horizontal Boring Mill

8" spindle, 12' vertical movement, 30' table travel, 20' between head and tailstock

Draw Bar Shaper

10" square bar with live spindle

Precision Roll Grinder

3' diameter x 20' long, 15 ton capacity


5' height x 20' stroke


50' center to center max., 102" diameter swing max.


8' arm max. (radial arm, horizontal, magnetic, and portable)


18" max. height 30" length x 15" wide


  • Remove broken bolts or studs of any size
  • Machine weld preps
  • Specialized pipe cutting and end prepping
  • Bore and hone holes
  • Flange and seat facing up to 35'
  • Machine "O" Ring groove in any type of flange
  • Line boring
  • Machine Grayloc and Ring Joint Flanges
  • Machine Valve Seats
  • Machine journals and thrust collars on fans, turbine rotors, and motors
  • Repair threads
  • Mill any horizontal joints or motor base pads

Vertical Boring Mill
  • 35 Foot Vertical Boring Mill